Monday, March 21, 2011

Anyone for Swaps??

Hi there bloggers, just wanted to share with you a new found passion.  I have recently discovered SWAPs!!!  You are probably all laughing, thinking "'re a bit behind the eight ball" and so it seems I have been, but better late then never.  Anywhooo, I have joined a couple of fabulous ning sites (scrapbooking forums) and have met some fabulous women and have jumped right in boots and all.  In case you are interested bloggers and want to check some out, check out Paper Phenomenon and Life on the Scrapbeach for some fun, fun, fun!!  Both sites also run free ustream classes which are also super fun and I strongly recommend both sites.

Well, so far I have completed a couple of swaps so I thought I would post some of the goodies I have been creating.....  Firstly, I entered an ATC swap with a Spring/Easter theme, which was hosted by Kim at MoeScrap, thanks Kim!  I don't know about all of you, but I for one, have never seen let alone created an ATC!! So I thought this would be fun.  For those of you like me who did not know what they are, they are basically artist trading cards which scrapers like to collect and swap.  They are supposed to be a mini representation of the artist.  Well I am not sure that I did it right but for my swap I sent out this little cutie:

As I stated I am not sure whether this is what is expect for an ATC, but I hope that the ladies like it.  What do you think?

Next I entered a Spring/Easter Themed Tag Swap, again hosted by Kim.  I really enjoyed this one although I went for a more vintage look and  hope it is not all together too dark for a spring theme.  This is what I came up with:

On the reverse of the tag I added a little pocket for a tag which could include a photo or journaling etc.  The tag which is in there currently has my details and swap details on it.  I was pleased with how it turned out, however, I hope that the ladies that receive these love them too.

Next I thought I would try my hand at charms.  I have never made a charm or done any jewelery making or any such thing.  Lucky for me, there is youtube!!  You've got to love youtube.  I found this swap on my The Scrapbeach and there was two themes for March, the first is a Mardi Gras theme, how fun.  I ordered some great charms online for the occasion and got to work building a fun and colorful charm.  Now again, not having done one of these swaps I am not sure whether what is expected is just a charm (single assembly) or a dangle (grouping of charms on a chain).  Anyway, I am sure that I will soon find out.  In the meantime, this is what I have created for this swap:

I used shrink plastic and stamps to stamp out the little ticket and then shrunk it into a perfect charm to use on this dangle.  I have a couple of charms still on order but as yet they have not arrived and since these need to be in the US by 25th March I had to send them without the other charms.

The second theme for the charm swap is a St Patrick's theme and again, I am really disappointed as the special charm I had ordered has still not arrived.  I ended up having to send the charm without it.  


These were fun and I really enjoyed making them.  Once again, I only hope the ladies that get these feel the same.  Well bloggers, that is it for me at the moment.  I will hopefully be back soon with some more swap photo's to share with you.  For all you ladies who are experienced in this, I would really appreciate some feedback including some constructive criticism, I promise not to get offended.  Until next time, happy scrapping/stamping.


Tash Daly


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twisted Fairytales at Drunken Stampers

Hi bloggers, well its that time of the week again.....yup you guessed it Drunken Stampers time!!! yippeeee!!  Well bloggers this week is a really fun theme...."Twisted Fairytales!!!"  How fun is that!!  So this week for my card I used one of my favourite stamps "Fairy Kira" which comes from Tickled Pink Stamps.  Isn't she gorgeous!!!  Now a couple of weeks ago when I first stamped her out, my daughter Lily said she looked a little evil.  So....for this week, that little comment came to mind and I thought I would use her for my twisted fairytale inspiration.  I thought that I would do a little twist on the "Cinderella" story and have Cinderella's fairy godmother turn her into a pumpkin instead!! hehehehehe.  Anyway, I had a ton of fun making this card as it is sooo super duper dimensional!  Last week the Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge Blog had a black and white + one theme and I was also inspired by that theme when making my card.  I chose the colour red!!!! I looove it with this combo.  Anyway, my only wish is that the photo would better show the colours of her hair etc, cause it is much deeper and richer in real life but oh well, you get the picture!!  

So now for my card...

Ok bloggers, now its your turn.  You have until 11:59 pm March 25 to get your creations in.  I look forward to seeing them all.  In the meantime, don't forget to pop over to Spike, Tracy and Linda's blogs to check out their creations for some more inspiration.  Their links are in my sidebar.  Till next time bloggers, have fun stamping/scrapping.


Tash Daly

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