Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Experiment In Wonderland

Hi there bloggers. I am still working on some cards for several challenges which I can show you, however, in the meantime, I thought I would share with you a little experiment.  I recently wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland themed card.  I was really looking to achieve a look which included the characters in the latest movie.  

After a search for stamps bearing the image of the "Mad Hatter" and "Cheshire Cat". I settled for the Mad Hatter from the Greeting Farm's "Alice in Wonderland" stamp set and tried to colour him so that he would look like the Mad Hatter from the latest Movie.  I then just googled a picture of the Cheshire Cat and proceeded to draft my own picture of him.  Because I wanted to use both images with shrinky dinks skrink plastic, I then proceeded to place the images under a sheet of shrinky dinks plastic and traced the images using a fine line pen.  I then proceeded to colour the images with colouring in pencils before cutting them out and shrinking them.  

Although I decided that in the end I did not want to use them for my project (and actually abandoned the project all together) I thought I would at least share the images with you and perhaps I will use them elsewhere. I can't say that I was all together happy with the end result.  I suppose that the Cheshire Cat is ok considering I had to try and draw him myself, but not quite right.   

As much as I tried to adapt the mad hatter it did not really work with this image.  I was happy to notice this week that Pink Cat Studio is currently previewing an "Alice In Wonderland" release that will work quite nicely for me in my future projects.  Go over and take a look at their range...Melissa has some wonderful images.  Thanks Melissa I can hardly wait for the new release.

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CuddlyBunny said...

I disagree with your assessment! I think your Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat are fantastic!

I recognized the Hatter immediately and and completely impressed with Chessie!

And your RABBIT!

All stupendous!

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