Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Candy and Challenges Galore

Hi there bloggers,

Well as you can see by my new look Blog (which I hope you all love by the way), there is some monster blog candy about so be sure to check them out.  You had better be quick before they expire.  Also you will notice that I have gone a little crazy with all the challenge blogs.  Well that is the result of recent TGF blog hops that I have been doing lately, you know how it goes, one good blog leads to another so little by little I have collected myself quite a little group of challenge sites.  I actually started to prepare a card for ATS last night (or should I say at the wee early hours of the morning) but I was too tired to get it done in time and therefore I have had to wait for the next challenge which is now up, so check it out!!  Anyway that is it for me at the moment - I am off to organize all the challenges that I want to enter over the next week or so, so hopefully you will see some lovely projects posted here over the next few days.  Happy scrappin/stampin all.  Till next time. :-)

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