Friday, January 7, 2011

My Copic Tip

Well here is a little tip for you that I just experimented with myself....  If you have ever made the mistake of using a copic marker with a stazon ink raise your hand (raises hand)!!  If you are silly enough like me to have stamped with the wrong ink you would have discovered that it does well and truly stuffs your nib!! (yep, what they tell us is true....NEVER, EVER, EVER use your copics with stazon ink!!!)    The ink just remains in your nib and dirties the colour from then on leaving little black smudges all over your art.  Well seeing that I did this and had no replacement nibs on hand and needed to keep going with my little project I decided to run a little experiment. So I took the nib out of my pen (be careful not to put the pen down somewhere as the ink will will run out of it) and I gently rubbed it over the sponge applicator of my stazon stamp cleaner.  Then using a nappy wipe I squeezed as much of the ink as I could get out of the nib.  I repeated this over and over again until I had removed as much of the ink as possible.  I now have a nib that is still slightly discoloured but no longer pollutes my artwork.  At least it will do until I get a few replacement nibs.  If anyone else has any tips I would love to hear them.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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